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Sporting Background

Sporting Background of Dave Marshall...

From an early age I loved sport. I played professional cricket in the UK, Canada and South Africa. Prior to this I played amateur cricket in Australia.

When I was not on the cricket pitch I participated in other sports including: volleyball, soccer, rugby union, rugby league, Australian Rules Football, golf, surfing, and field hockey. Long distance running was a hobby of mine. I competed in numerous half marathons, over 15 marathons and 3 ultra-marathons (56kms). Further, I have taken part in the world famous Argus Cycle Tour (109km) in Cape Town on more than 10 occasions.

My extensive personal personal sporting experiences places me in an ideal position to provide psychological support and implement strategies and techniques to maximise performance. As a passionate sports fan, I love all forms of skill perfection and competition. This love translates into a passion to work with individuals involved in any sports or personal growth pursuits.