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Mental Skills

1.  Self-Talk – The importance of what we say to ourselves.
2.  Imagery & Visualisation – The brain does not know the difference between an imagined action and an actual action. Mentally rehearsing techniques and skills has been shown      to significantly improve performance.
3.  Resilience & Mental Toughness – Being resilient and bouncing back from adversity is one of the key areas associated with excellent performance.
4.  Anxiety Management – Acquire tools and techniques to help reduce anxiety.
5.  Improved Concentration – Improving focus is a very powerful asset.
6.  Pre-Performance Routines – These are invaluable for reducing nerves and boosting confidence.
7.  Arousal Management – Athletes are sometimes under- or over-aroused. Being able to raise or lower arousal levels where appropriate will more than likely boost performance.
8.  Relaxation Techniques – Being able to slow down and relax can significantly improve everyday living.
9.  Boosting Confidence – Self-esteem is one of the key fundamentals of living a vital and satisfying life. Learn how to strengthen and improve this area of your life.