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Psychology Experience

Psychology Experience of Dave Marshall...

I have extensive experience as a psychologist. Recent roles I have undertaken include:
1.  Queensland Tennis Centre (QTC): I worked closely with young tennis players and tennis coaches. I loved being immersed in a tennis environment and I benefitted from the      opportunity to work with multiple clients (e.g., players, coaches and parents).Some of the strategies delivered to the players included: relaxation techniques, the importance of      positive self-talk, emotion regulation and pre-performance routines.
2.  Drug Arm: As a drug and alcohol counsellor I had the invaluable opportunity to learn about the psychological and social pressures on individuals with addiction. In this role I      assisted these individuals with strategies to remain abstinent, provided support options and emphasised the importance of self-care.
3.  Queensland U/14 Boys Soccer: I helped prepare the state U/14 team for their National Championship. I worked closely with the Head Coach including some powerful work      uncovering and aligning the team's core values.This resulted in greater team dynamics and a more cohesive style of play.
4.  Brisbane Pain and Rehabilitation Service (BPRS): I assisted in delivering psychological programs to individuals with chronic pain as well as providing individual treatment      sessions.These sessions provided the attendees with an array of tools to help assist with creating greater levels of understanding regarding their chronic pain and the resulting      lifestyle changes.
5.  AFL Queensland U/16 Boys: I worked closely with the team’s coaches to prepare the squad for their National Carnival. I was privileged to spend 8 days with the team during the      Carnival itself where I was able to understand and support the team during this pressurised environment using relaxation techniques and mindfulness strategies.